Chesterfield are consultants offering unbiased independent advice.
We offer expertise in the field of water treatment.

Chesterfield act as independent specialists in the pre-commission cleaning of closed circuit systems, open condenser water systems and domestic water installations. We also advise on the specialist cleaning of older or problematic systems.

The services we offer include monitoring of water quality on new or operational sites, validation surveys, surveys for tenants taking on buildings, surveys to diagnose water quality issues where systems are failing or under performing. We formulate project specific specifications for the cleaning of systems.

A significant proportion of our business involves witnessing pre-commission cleaning or the cleaning of older fouled systems including independent sampling of these works.

Our independence allows us to give unbiased views on the quality of water. We do not provide labour or chemicals to clean or maintain systems.

The services we offer provide our clients with confidence that the water quality in their systems will allow successful proportional balancing in the short term and continued efficient operation in the longer term thus avoiding operational and contractual problems.
Who needs us?
  • Consultants to the Building Services Industry
  • Developers
  • Building Contractors
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Facilities Managers
  • Maintenance Companies
  • Water Treatment Companies
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